FREsh seafood from the nc coast

Imagine an evening at your favorite bar by the coast, enjoying a beer and stories with your friends while snacking on freshly caught seafood. Now, imagine that scene on a weeknight—around the corner from home. This vision sums up the new collaboration between Person Street Bar and Locals Seafood at Transfer Co. Food Hall. Welcome to Locals Oyster Bar.

Both businesses have earned their respective reputations. Person Street is recognized as one of the top bars in Raleigh and a destination for both expert mixology and a laid-back neighborly atmosphere. Locals Seafood won one of the Bon Appétit 2015 Fork to Farm grants for their dedication to their craft: they frequent the coast throughout the week to hand-pick fresh seafood from the boats of North Carolina fishermen. Transfer Co. brings them together under one you can have your cocktails and eat your oysters, too. Locals Oyster Bar features a seafood market for fresh fish, fresh and steamed shellfish, smoked seafood, ready-to-cook entrees, and more. Order to drink and dine in or buy a fresh catch to take home.


Monday: 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday: 11AM - 10PM
Wednesday: 11AM - 10PM
Thursday: 11AM - 10PM
Friday: 11AM - 11PM
Saturday: 11AM - 11PM
Sunday: 11AM - 8PM