Bul Box


ASian Flavors

The Bul Box team has been serving Asian cuisine in the Triangle for over 20 years. Their journey began here in the Raleigh-Durham area and the adventure didn’t stop there. Today, they’re pursuing their dream of spreading Asian flavors throughout Charlotte, Atlanta, Savannah and more.

Chef Young’s experience comes from working at Essex House Hotel, Bistro AIX, as well as his own Korean/Japanese restaurant in NYC. He also worked at various restaurants in Niigata and Nagoya, Japan for 11 years. With all the success, their mission and dream remains the same — spread flavors of Asia to the local community. We’re looking forward to their next adventure at Transfer Co. Food Hall.


Monday: 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday: 11AM - 10PM
Wednesday: 11AM - 10PM
Thursday: 11AM - 10PM
Friday: 11AM - 11PM
Saturday: 11AM - 11PM
Sunday: 11AM - 8PM