A taste of argentina

Che is one of those best-kept secrets, almost like a speak-easy for empanadas. For many years, owner Anabel exclusively prepared her Argentinian pastries for catered events and special-order home deliveries.

So finally, after years of pleading, her fanbase can eat their fill of Buenos Aires any time they like at Transfer Co. Food Hall. The aromatic Carne Dulce, the basil-filled Caprese, and the traditional Jamón y Queso are among fan favorites that new visitors to Transfer Co. will come to discover and adore.


Monday: 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday: 11AM - 10PM
Wednesday: 11AM - 10PM
Thursday: 11AM - 10PM
Friday: 11AM - 11PM
Saturday: 11AM - 11PM
Sunday: 11AM - 8PM