The 13 Essential American Breweries of 2019 by Thrillist

Best Craft Beer Breweries of 2019

Shoutout to Thrillist for this awesome list of America’s Best Breweries and including our vary own, Burial Beer Co. “Identifying the 13 essential breweries of now, the year of our Lord 2019, was an exercise in self torture -- making a list of 100 would be tough. But with the collective efforts of some of our most trusted beer writers and experts from across the nation, we whittled it down.”

Burial Beer Co.

“When you’re a brewery in a city often hailed as the beer capital of the US, the product has to be extraordinary in order to gain prominence. Well, Burial Beer Co. is not only the shit in Asheville and the entire state of North Carolina, but also in Georgia, and New York (plus occasional appearances in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Ohio), with more locations possibly on the way to satisfy the increasing demand. From award-winning IPAs like the Surf Wax and Prismatic Visions to the decadent Skillet Donut Imperial Stout and a plethora of saisons, tripels, lagers, and seemingly countless other beers, Burial seems to have everything on lock. They also have a winery license, resulting in their Sidra cider, made with a blend of Grown Gala, Ginger Gold, and Paula Red apples direct from North Carolina orchards.

With so much on their plate, substantial expansion only made sense, hence, their rustic-meets-hip taproom on the South Slope has new siblings: the Raleigh-based taproom called The Exhibit adjacent to the Transfer Co. Food Hall, and ongoing restoration venture called Forestry Camp. Addressing the latter, this two-story building built by Conservation Civilian Corps members in the 1900s is now a Burial beer bar revitalization set on two-acres also boasting a 20-barrel system, state-of-the-art canning line, a farm, corporate offices, a sour barrel facility, and other attractions in South Asheville. This new brewing fantasy land is screaming for a festival, so look for that soon as well. Don't let the stunning, haunting packaging designed by David Paul Seymour adorned with skeletons, scythes, and an overall theme of mortality fool you: Burial has a long, prosperous life in the beer game ahead of them.”

-- Ale Sharpton

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